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Design Ideas For Creating More Space In Small Bathrooms

Small bright bathroom in classic modern style

If you have a small bathroom, you may feel as though there are very limited designs you can try out. This is not the case. There are plenty of small bathroom design ideas that can end up saving you so much space while making your bathroom look refined.

Mirrored Cabinets

To make your bathroom look bigger, have cabinet doors that are mirrors. They will create an appearance of an extension and will make your bathroom look bigger. It is advisable to have the cabinets higher up on the wall rather than lower. You can also place them above the sink so that you can save more space.

Hanging Sink

What this means is that the sink will not be touching the floor of your bathroom. When designed like this, the bathroom appears bigger because the eye can see more floor space. This is also ideal for placing storage baskets underneath the sink. Instead of having baskets carry up extra space, you can put them in this area.

Avoid Placing A Bathtub

As much as you would like a tub in your bathroom so that you can relax after a long day, it is important to remember that a tub will occupy more space. If your bathroom cannot accommodate a tub then you will have to make do with a shower. If there is a bit of space but not that much, you can place a tub then have cabinets or built-in shelves above the tub. Ensure the items on the shelves are well-placed so that they do not keep falling into the tub.

Try An Oval Sink

This idea will create more counter space for you. It is much better to have an oval sink rather than a square-shaped one. Avoid placing too many things on the counter. If the counter has more items than necessary it will give your bathroom a disorganized look.

Opt For Washstands With Hanging Bars

If you have these, you will not need to place hooks in the bathroom so as to store your bathrobes or towels. They will allow you to save lots of space. If you would prefer not to have these, then keep the hooks to a minimum. Too many hooks will overcrowd the empty space and make the bathroom look even smaller.

Choose Simpler Patterns

Simpler patterns on your walls will create the look of an empty space. Do not choose tiles that have too many patterns for your walls. Keep them light coloured. Some of the best colors to use for the wall tiles would be a very light grey, pale pink or light blue. You can compensate for the plain colours by having tiles with intricate patterns. Dotted tiles would be perfect for your floors.

Avoid Double Sinks

If you have a double sink, it will make the bathroom look smaller. Instead, opt for a long sink. It will save you space in addition to making the bathroom appear bigger. Check on the design of the taps too. Choose taps that make the place look spacious.