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Using Sea Freight To Move Your Household Items To A New Country

The cargo ship with the crane, the top view.

Moving your home can be a challenging event and this is often worse when you are looking to move your household items to another country. There are many options for moving your home, but the most commonly used is sea freight because of the costs. If you are going to use sea freight to move your home to a new country, you need to know what to do and how to prepare your cargo for sea freight.

Finding A Reputable International Removal Company

The first step in using sea freight to move your goods is to find a reputable international removal company. The best way to determine if the company is reputable is to look at unbiased reviews. Review websites such as Yelp and TrustPilot are the best places to look and you should focus on reviews that have a similar situation as your own.

You should also look at trade association membership such as Fidi Global Alliance. This is a global alliance of independent international removal companies which are bound by a high standard of professional service. Choosing a company that is a member of an association will give you some peace of mind.

Determine The Level Of Service You Need

Before you contact any removal companies, you will need to determine the level of service you need. Are you going to pack everything yourself or would you like the removal service to do this for you? Packing yourself will save you money, but you may not be covered as well by insurance. Having the removal company pack your goods for you will cost extra, but you are generally covered better by the company’s insurance.

Home Contents Survey

When you contact the removal company, they will want to know more about the goods that you are going to send. Some companies will ask for a listing of the goods while others will complete a home contents survey. The home contents survey will be carried out by the company and they will need to come to your home to see the size and amount of goods which need to be transported.

It is only after the home contents survey that the company will provide you with an estimate of the costs of shipping. This is due to the fact that the survey tells them how much space your shipment will take. The estimate you receive should be in writing and detailed.

Check The Insurance

When you choose a removal company, you should look at the price and the insurance that they provide. The company you choose should have sufficient insurance coverage to pay you if anything happens to your goods during transit. Of course, you will need to check the fine print of the insurance because there are certain events that may not be covered. Additionally, if you have packed the goods yourself, the coverage may be limited.

When you choose to use sea freight to ship your household items, you need to ensure that you use a reputable company. You also need to check what their insurance will cover and determine the level of service that you need.


How A Frameless Glass Fence Could Transform Your Backyard

Modern backyard with pool fence

Do you have a metal fence around your pool? If you do, you’re certainly not alone. It’s common to see these sorts of fences around in-ground pools. If you’re sick of the fence that you have, you may want to explore some of your other options. A fence that is made from frameless glass could wind up transforming your yard.

It Can Make Your Yard Look Cleaner

Do you feel like the metal pool fence you have in your yard makes it look sloppy? If you do, switching over the a frameless glass fence could really help you to clean things up. Switching your fence could change your yard for the better.

Metal fences tend to be pretty distracting. If the fence doesn’t match the rest of your yard, it may make things look sloppy. Switch over to a glass fence so that your yard can look nice and clean.

It Can Give Your Yard A More Modern Look

Do you want a modern-looking yard? A lot of people are drawn to a more modern aesthetic. Metal fences may not be modern, but glass fences are.

If you want your yard to look contemporary, it’s time for you to say goodbye to things like metal fences. If you replace that old fence with something sleek and new, your yard will look better than ever. You’ll be able to create the modern-looking yard that you’ve always wanted.

You Can Get Rid Of A Dated Fence

Metal fences have been standard for a while now. This means that some of them look pretty dated. If you feel like your old fence has seen better days, it is probably time for you to replace it.

If you do get rid of your old, dated fence, you’ll be able to look at your yard with fresh new eyes. You won’t have to be annoyed by that old fence anymore. You’ll be able to enjoy your glass fence instead. When you step into your yard, you’ll be very happy. You’ll know that your yard looks absolutely great.

You Can Create The Illusion Of A Fence-Free Yard

Do you wish that your yard was free of fences? A number of regions require pool owners to have a fence around their pool. However, you can get a fence-free look even if fences are mandatory.

If you want your yard to look like it’s fence free, you can do that. Swap out your old metal pool fence for a fence that isn’t so distracting. When people look at your yard, the fence won’t be the first thing they see. Instead, they will focus their attention on the pool.

Do you want to update and transform your backyard? If you aren’t satisfied with the current state of your yard, then it is time for you to make some changes. Start looking at frameless glass fences for your pool. See if they might give you the kind of transformation you’ve been looking for.