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5 Steps to Transforming Your Backyard with a Multi-Level Garden

Creating a garden doesn’t always have to be a one level scheme. Many of us find that a flat garden can be dull, which lead us towards adding a few slopes in all directions. This can lead to a sloping piece to design a gorgeous multi-level garden. It is an excellent way of generating order on a slanted piece to create levels of flat.

Here are five steps to transforming your backyard into a multi-level garden.

Start writing down ideas on a piece of paper

Just as you would with any design project, you will need a plan to get started. One way is to divide the space to determine the function of the area. The primary goal is to create a garden with unified areas to meet your interest. What is the main purpose of your garden? Make sure your plan meets those needs.

Start Your Building Zones in the Garden

Once you have established a plan of how you will use the space, divide it up. If you intend on creating a space for entertainment, choose the right area for the seating and even an outdoor kitchen.

If the garden is meant to grow herbs or organic plants, the multi-level garden creates a unique place to grow a variety of plants. The multiple levels will allow you to incorporate slides rather than paths. Also, consider the establishment of a shady area for private seating.

Create the Structure with Stone Walls

Using retaining walls will create different terraces in multi-level gardens. With so many options to choose form, make sure the stones are functional to fit your gardening needs. The stones are used to add character. You can also consider using concrete blogs and lay them on their side. With the hollow facing the front, you can plant vegetables as well as build a living wall.

Raise the Deck

If you find your garden sloping down, construct a bridge out to gain additional space. If there is a significant hill, you can increase the floor with pillars. Keep in mind that you will need to add the railing for extra strength beneath.

When it comes to planting on a multi-level garden, these are the perfect backdrop for the hide and seek concept. Gardens will not reveal their secrets at first, which makes it all the most interesting.